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8 Secrets to Healthy Blood for Better Heart Health

…steps to ensure your blood is in the best condition possible. 1. Get tested. At your next medical examination, ask your doctor to check you for inflammation by monitoring your CRP and fibrinogen levels. 2. Quit smoking. Smoking causes sludgy, viscous, and inflamed blood. Stopping smoking can improve…

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Season Your Way to Better Heart Health

…vital to the human metabolic process. * Parsley — American parsley contains luteolin and apigenin, two powerful flavonoids, and chlorophyll for anti-inflammation. * Ginger — Ginger is also known as the "poor man's aspirin." It thins blood. It's anti-inflammatory. Ginger tea was used in the coronary…

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Could Losing Weight Work as Well as a Statin?

…diets reduced CRP by about 25%. So I ask, why would anyone use a statin if you can reduce CRP with weight loss? Fat cells are a major source for inflammation. If you eliminate their “home,” and lower CRP, you simultaneously lessen your risk of cardiovascular disease. Now it’s your turn: Have you…

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