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Must-Have Tests for Heart Risk Factors

…standard tests, I recommend these newer tests, which can give you a more precise reading of your risks. C-Reactive Protein (CRP) is a marker for inflammation that is directly associated with overall heart and cardiovascular health. In multiple studies, CRP has been identified as a potent predictor of…

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Season Your Way to Better Heart Health

…vital to the human metabolic process. * Parsley — American parsley contains luteolin and apigenin, two powerful flavonoids, and chlorophyll for anti-inflammation. * Ginger — Ginger is also known as the "poor man's aspirin." It thins blood. It's anti-inflammatory. Ginger tea was used in the coronary…

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Heart Risk Factors and C-Reactive Protein

C-reactive protein (CRP) is a marker for inflammation that is directly associated with atherosclerotic plaque. It’s a blood protein that, when found in elevated levels, may indicate risk of heart attack and stroke. Multiple studies have identified CRP as a potent predictor of future cardiovascular…

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Could Losing Weight Work as Well as a Statin?

…diets reduced CRP by about 25%. So I ask, why would anyone use a statin if you can reduce CRP with weight loss? Fat cells are a major source for inflammation. If you eliminate their “home,” and lower CRP, you simultaneously lessen your risk of cardiovascular disease. Now it’s your turn: Have you…

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