Foods Not To Eat

SLIM10 Fiber Chews (60 chews)

Item## WLC


…my eating habits and I LIKE WHAT I SEE ON THE SCALES, in the mornings. THANK YOU!” — Online review “I love the taste. I love feeling full. The Chews make it easy to say NO to eat more than I should.”* — Online review “We eat these before every meal to feel full faster, not over eat, and…

Vitamin D3 (30 softgels, 1-month supply)

Item## VDH


…require sunshine to make Vitamin D. And it’s almost impossible to get enough vitamin D from the foods you eat. In fact, over one-third of Americans are now deficient in vitamin D. That’s why supplementation is crucial, particularly during winter months, when it’s a challenge to get enough sunlight…

Ultimate Healing Cookbook (e-book)

Item## YZB10


…what you’re getting and how much. The foods in each recipe have also proven to be the best for maintaining a healthy weight. But it’s certainly not all about health—Dr. Sinatra made sure that every recipe is tasty, delicious, and many of them easy to prepare! The Ultimate Healing Cookbook has…