Flax Seed

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Flax and Omega-3 Benefits for Blood Pressure

…less energy drain on the liver—the most important filter of the body. In general, freshly ground flaxseed is better than flax oil, because you’re assured the oil in the seed is fresh, plus you’re getting extra fiber and plant lignans. Simply grind two tablespoons of flaxseed and sprinkle on food…

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Fish: A Natural Source of Omega-3s

…life itself. Our bodies can’t manufacture EFAs, but you can get them through the food you eat. Omega-6 EFAs occur naturally in almost all nuts and seeds, and you can also get them from ground flaxseed or flaxseed oil, black currant oil, evening primrose oil, and borage oil. Get more of Dr. Sinatra's…

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5 Heart-Healthy Snacks

…to choose organic nuts and seeds if they’re available, and that it contains no more than 300 mg of sodium per serving. Heart-healthy snack #3. Yogurt Sundae: Mix sliced strawberries and blueberries into plain yogurt. Top with a sprinkling of sunflower seeds or ground flax. Heart-healthy snack #4. Apple…

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