7 Ways to Get Natural Headache Relief

…can help to ward off migraine headaches. In fact the most powerful defense against migraine headaches is a combination of magnesium and CoQ10. 3. Feverfew: This natural headache remedy has a long history of use for migraines, but be sure to go with a brand-name, high-quality product: There is a wide…

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Heart Surgery: Is it Really Necessary & Secrets for the Best Outcome

…supplements at least three days prior to surgery: * Garlic * Vitamin E * Fish oil * Ginkgo biloba * St. John’s wort * Ephedra (also called Ma Huang) * Feverfew * Goldenseal * Ginseng * Ginger * Licorice * Valerian In my experience, you’re okay to stop five days before, and then start up again five days…

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