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Using an L-Arginine Supplement for Impotence Treatment

…health. It improves blood flow not only to the heart, but to the penis. With this impotence treatment, many of my patients report stronger, firmer erections and more satisfying sex lives! Restore Male Potency with this Impotence Treatment Over the years, many of my male patients have complained about impotence…

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Are You Experiencing Andropause Symptoms?

…Excessive testosterone also can lead to overly high libido, urinary obstruction, swelling of breast tissue, priaprism (excessive duration of an erection), and mood swings (especially for those receiving testosterone injections). Also, before you begin hormone treatment, you should have a digital rectal…

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Deep Breathing Techniques to Detoxify Your Body

…straight chair, supported by a pillow behind your shoulder blades. * Remove your shoes and place your feet firmly on the floor. * Remember to sit erect, but not stiff. * Gently open your mouth. Don’t grit your teeth; just let your jaw hang softly. * Breathe in and out, and focus on inhalation and…

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Top Tips for Bone Health

…with 20 minutes of stretching of the hamstrings and lower back. Regular exercise not only helps conserve bone health but also maintains flexibility, erect posture and muscle strength. Bone Health Tip #4: Consider Estrogen Some studies support estrogen's role in preventing bone loss in certain high-risk…

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