Elevated Triglycerides

How to Lower High Triglyceride Levels: 5 Easy Steps

triglycerides include sugars, other carbohydrates and alcohol. To keep your heart in the healthy zone, you want your triglycerides to be 50-180 mg/DL. What’s also important is that high triglyceride levels are more dangerous for women than for men, so if you are a woman and your triglycerides are elevated

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The Top 5 Heart Health Risk Factors You Want to Watch in 2016

…history—so everyone needs to be tested. If your Lp(a) level is elevated, here’s how to lower it. Although there are other risk factors for the heart—such as small particle oxidized LDL cholesterol, high homocysteine, high triglycerides, elevated C-reactive protein, and more—in my opinion these are the…

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5 Heart-Health Facts Your Cardiologist Won’t Tell You

…scene of the crime when it comes to heart disease, it’s not the real perpetrator. The real “bad guy” is inflammation. Studies show that having elevated C-reactive protein (CRP), which is a measure of inflammation, puts you at twice the risk of dying from cardiovascular-related problems as those with…

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