Elevated Triglycerides

How to Lower High Triglyceride Levels: 5 Easy Steps

triglycerides include sugars, other carbohydrates and alcohol. To keep your heart in the healthy zone, you want your triglycerides to be 50-180 mg/DL. What’s also important is that high triglyceride levels are more dangerous for women than for men, so if you are a woman and your triglycerides are elevated

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Treat Heart Disease With a Heart Healthy Diet Plan

…After years of applying nutritional solutions to the myriad faces of heart disease—high blood pressure levels; chronic hypertension; high triglycerides; elevated L(p)a; angina; and heart attack and stroke—Dr. Sinatra has finally answered his patients’ many requests for a book that they can have as…

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4 Secrets for Preventing Diabetes & Controlling It

…develop diabetes. Another red flag that you could soon develop diabetes is if your HDL “good” cholesterol numbers are down and your triglyceride levels are elevated. Even if you’re in the “diabetes warning zone” you can knock it out, before it develops. Plus, if you already have diabetes, the…

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