Electromagnetic Sensitivity

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity & Arrhythmia

…difficulty with memory, concentration, sleep, vision, heart palpitations and cardiac arrhythmias with exposure to electromagnetic fields. Another 16 percent reported being a little sensitive, while 8 percent felt they had none. The objective cardiac monitoring confirmed the same number: 40 percent of the…

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Could a Power Outage Actually Be Good For Your Health?

…can't get a recharge. What might that lack of electro-pollution mean to human health? While not everyone is consciously sensitive to our constant bombardment from electromagnetic frequencies in our high tech environment, many of us do have symptoms—from agitation to sleeplessness, irritability, and…

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Recognizing a Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia

…I’ll be sharing the latest findings on that with you soon. Electromagnetic disturbances can also push those people vulnerable to low respiratory sinus arrhythmia to develop cardiac, arrhythmia, stroke and sudden cardiac death. Electro-sensitive adults and children report cardiac arrhythmias as one of many…

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