ElectrolytePLUS Cardio (30 packets)

Item## SER


…levels and the proper balance of electrolytes—potassium, magnesium, and sodium to name a few—is critical for energy production and for sending electrical messages from your brain to your heart, muscles, organs, and cells. Unfortunately, many common heart medications, diarrhea, and even sweating can…

Honeywell® Germ Free Cool Mist Humidifier

Item## CMH10


…Soothe dry, cracked winter skin * Protect furniture—low humidity causes wood to lose moisture and shrink * Promote plant health * Reduce static electricity * Cut heating costs—maintaining a proper humidity level helps the body to feel warmer * Provide better overall home comfort 1Based on independent…

Honeywell® True HEPA Large Room Air Purifier with Allergen Remover

Item## SMD10


…Air Purifier comes programmed with 3 levels of cleaning power plus a Turbo Clean setting, auto-shut off timer, easy tap electronic controls, and electric filter replacement reminders. It's recommended to replace the True HEPA filter yearly and to replace the carbon pre-filter every 3 months. How the…