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Must-Have Tests for Heart Risk Factors

…immediately, regardless of your age. Certainly, everyone should have these standard tests, which assess the function of your heart: * An electrocardiogram (EKG) establishes baseline information about the way electrical messages flow to the heart muscle and possible arrhythmias. * An echocardiogram will assess…

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Arrhythmia Diagnosis

…is see a cardiologist so they can determine a baseline electrocardiogram (EKG) and do a Holter monitor evaluation. These are very basic, noninvasive tests that your insurance will pay for. Your arrhythmia may show up on the EKG, but your doctor will still want to assess how often it’s happening with…

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Heart Beat 101

…me if this content is “technical”, but there’s just no other way to explain it. It’s mathematical… The basic electrocardiographic (ECG, or EKG from the German for “kardio”) representation of the heart beat is an important diagnostic tool in cardiology. It’s made up of several parts: the…

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Cardiology Terminology: Rate Pressure Product (RPP)

…RPP that keeps you working out below the threshold where you experience physical symptoms you are aware of, or below the threshold at which we noted EKG changes that the heart is not getting enough oxygen, whether or not you are having any perceived symptoms. Obviously, your heart rate and systolic blood…

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On the Road with Dr. Sinatra: Summer Workshop at Kripalu Yoga Center

…energy. After learning to see the body as electrically dynamic—no quantum leap when one is used to looking at the heart’s own electric potential on EKGs and cardiac monitors all day—he started wondering, “Could electrical frequencies from OUTSIDE the body affect it?” So exploring the new frontiers…

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