Your Smartphone Is a Portable ECG Machine

…while … I’m all for technological changes that save lives and reduce the cost of health care. So, if remotely transmitting a live ECG or echocardiogram slice to a medical care provider can fast-track treatment—or reassure someone who is stable—I am open to that. But let's remember that all…

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Pet Health 101: How to Tell If Your Dog Has a Heart Issue

…began as canine research. Your pet’s health can be assessed with all the same cardiac tests used on humans: blood work, an electrocardiogram, echocardiogram, and Holter monitor evaluation. Your vet may even order medication to help heart function. My “country vet” still does a lot of his dairy and…

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What are ACE Inhibitor Drugs?

…your left ventricle may have wall motion abnormalities, meaning that the scarred areas are not contracting with the rest of the muscle tissue. Echocardiograms have shown that ACE inhibitor drugs support the left ventricle so that it works more like a healthy heart, improving pumping ability and ejection…

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