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Dr. Sinatra Book: Arthritis Interrupted

…make you sick, and feed the fires of the health problems mentioned here…and more. Therefore, you must be armed with a solid anti-inflammatory eating plan so you can calm the flames of arthritis, as well as heal so many other diseases. Arthritis Interrupted, featuring the Arthritis Healing Diet, will…

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Sugar is a Major Cause of Heart Disease

…realize that alcohol contains a large store of hidden sugar. * Eat an anti-inflammatory Pan-Asian Mediterranean (PAM) diet. My heart-healthy PAM eating plan includes 40 to 45 percent slow-burning, low-glycemic index carbohydrates; 35-40 percent healthy fats; and 20-25 percent protein—all of which help…

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Cardiovascular Nutrition Recipe: Grilled Halibut

Fish and fish oil form a cornerstone of a good cardiovascular nutrition eating plan. Omega-3 fatty acids from fish are useful to everyone. Omega-3s can reduce triglycerides and reduce blood pressure levels at higher dosages. Although fish is an integral part of the PAMM diet, it’s not as simple as…

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5 Heart-Healthy Tips for Lean Living!

…which is why store-bought juice is not always a good bet. Juice at least twice a week for the most benefit. 2. Include “good” fats in your eating plan, like the monounsaturated fats and omega-3s. Substitute olive oil for butter in your cooking, and make cold-water fish like salmon or Atlantic halibut…

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Lower Your Blood Pressure Week 2: Get Moving

It’s Week Two of my four-week challenge to begin lowering your blood pressure. And now that you’re on my eating plan to control high blood pressure, let’s take it a step further—literally—and add exercise to your regimen. But before you make the same face that you probably had last week when…

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Fish: The Wonder Food

I have followed the research on fish as a cardio-protective and anti-aging agent for 30 years. And it is a cornerstone of my eating plan for optimal health. What makes fish so important to any healthy heart nutrition plan is the fact that it is an abundant source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. As…

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