Ready, Set, Walk: Join the Challenge!

Recently, a few of you have asked where you can sign up for the Dr. Sinatra Walking Club. The answer is that there isn't a specific place to sign up. Rather, I post a new walking club check-in on Dr. Sinatra's blog each Saturday with new information, and motivation, to help you keep on walking. On…

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Introducing the New Dr. Sinatra Walking Club

Hi and Happy Friday, I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Karen. I'm a colleague of Dr. Sinatra, and he asked me to form the new Dr. Sinatra Walking Club...which I'm very excited about! As Dr. Sinatra often says, there is no other lifestyle modification with such immediate and long-lasting…

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We Invite You to Share Your Story

As some of you may remember, earlier this week Dr. Sinatra shared a story on his blog from a reader who wrote: "Statins put my dad in a nursing home..." As this reader wrote, "When my doctor suggested that I may need to take a statin, I said NO WAY! He was taken aback by that. Through dietary…

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