Do It Yourself

Do-It-Yourself Heart & Artery Repair Program

Item## DIY10


…Heart health and cholesterol-controlling supplements * How to confront emotional issues that adversely affect your heart * And much more! In my Do-It-Yourself Heart & Artery Repair Program, I’ll share with you my program for remodeling your heart and arteries. This includes details on the best diet…

Omega-3 Calamarine® Smoothie

Item## OCS


…ensure superior quality and safety. -->So delicious, you have to try it for yourself! Great-tasting omega-3 liquid supplement Omega-3 Calamarine Smoothie tastes so good, my wife Jan said it's "lick-your-spoon good!" when she tried it. And I think it tastes like a lemon Creamsicle®! With so many ways to take…