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What is Lp(a) Cholesterol?

…healthy, whatever its functions, they are not thought to be critical. Dr. Sinatra likes to see levels less than 35 nmol/l, according to the Quest Diagnostics standards he usually sees. Here are the usual parameters, depending on how your lab expresses this level: * Desirable: * Borderline risk: 14 - 30…

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4 Medical Tests That Could Do More Harm than Good

…lot of questions about before agreeing to have them… 1. Abdominal CT Scan: Many conventional doctors feel the level of radiation present during diagnostic medical imaging tests is minimal and safe. The truth is that a CT scan, particularly that of the abdomen, exposes patients to levels of radiation…

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The Dangers of Wireless Electromagnetic Fields

…Hand-held PDAs * Internet access * Laptop computers * Computer screens * Baby monitors * Video gaming * Microwave ovens * Fluorescent lights * Diagnostic X-rays * Wi-fi * Electric/hybrid cars Kerry Crofton holds a Ph.D. in health psychology and authored an earlier book about her experience working…

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