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Week 10 VIDEO: Sleep Well and Lose Weight

…weight loss. You know, that's why meditation really works because it lowers cortisol. DHEA, we call it the fountain of youth hormone, is antagonistic to cortisol. So, the higher the cortisol, the lower the DHEA. That's why some people take it as a supplement. So, here's three things I'd like you to…

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Week 9 VIDEO: The Heart-health Benefits of Grounding

…if you're, like I said, before an avid coffee drinker, it's harder to lose weight, because cortisol is an antagonist to the hormone which we call "DHEA," the fountain of youth hormone. So, there are hormonal interactions that occur here. Now, when I say "grounded," this is what happens. When I put my…

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Are You Experiencing Andropause Symptoms?

…estrogen), DHEA, PSA, and sex-hormone-binding globulin. This comprehensive profile can help pinpoint the cause of your problem and better tailor your therapy. For example, I give pregnenolone, a precursor to DHEA, to men with low DHEA levels and low testosterone. This combo is broken down into DHEA and progesterone…

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Top 8 Heart-Health Tips for Reducing Stress

…depth of your breathing increases and the energy trapped in your chest, diaphragm and other muscles is released. Laughter also releases endorphins and DHEA, hormonal markers of health and well-being. In one innovative year-long experiment, cardiac patients who watched a comedy show on a daily basis had…

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