Why You Should Choose CoQ10 & Your Dentist Over Statin Drugs

…disease. In fact, the aggressive overtreatment of high cholesterol is doing more harm than good. It's also my opinion that we should spend money on dentists and CoQ10, instead of statins, in our quest to prevent heart disease and stroke. The reason is both periodontal and heart disease is caused by inflammation…

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Good Vibrations

…television as well as how he recovered from his own health crisis. To my far right is Dr. Mark Breiner, Adam’s dad and an environmentally-conscious dentist who has been using EAV, a computerized system based on German technology that assesses and treats the body by measuring potential at acupressure points…

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Dr. Sinatra Training the Next Generation

…with the host of chronic diseases we now recognize, less mainstream professionals—like highly trained naturopaths (NDs), acupuncturists, holistic dentists, and energy workers—are very important players to include. Dr. Sinatra has a vision. He is investing in our youth: our doctors of the future. It’s…

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