Delta Tocotrienol

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Lp(a) and Risk Factors of Heart Disease

…vitamin C and 100–200 mg of standard coenzyme Q10. * Take 1–2grams of fish oil daily. * Take 50mg of nattokinase twice a day. * Take 100mg of delta tocotrienols twice a day. * Exercise regularly. If you’re concerned, you and your family members should have your Lp(a) cholesterol and other risk factors…

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Prevent Elevated Lp(a) Cholesterol Levels

…and can be purchased online. This is the only measure I know of that may actually lower your elevated Lp(a) cholesterol. Take as directed. * Delta tocotrienol: Take 100–200 mg of this natural form of vitamin E once a day. * Get grounded! Remember, heart disease—like diabetes, cancer and a host of…

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