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Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally by Drinking Water

…water your body attempts to secure its fluid supply by retaining sodium. Sodium is your body’s “water-insurance mechanism.” At the same time, dehydration forces your body to gradually and systematically close down some of its capillary beds. When some capillary beds shut down, it puts more pressure…

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What is an Angina Attack?

…then a cramp there is similar to a cramp in your leg muscle. Muscles “cramp” because of an imbalance of electrolytes in their cells—or from dehydration, fatigue, or overuse. The bottom line is a lack of funds in your electrolyte or hydration accounts is a common source of muscle cramps. And your…

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5 Tips for Preventing Dry Skin

…fish oil to help prevent dry skin. Dry Skin Tip #3: Decrease the amount of caffeine and alcohol in your diet. Both of these substances can have a dehydrating effect on your skin. Dry Skin Tip #4: Drink eight glasses of pure, clean water a day—which hydrates your skin from the inside. Dry Skin Tip #5…

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Eating Healthier By Avoiding These 10 Foods

…for ribose or Stevia instead. * Veal. It’s one of the most inflammatory foods you can eat, and inflammation is at the root of heart disease. * Dehydrated soups. They’re loaded with sodium. * Sherbet. Many people opt for sherbet over ice cream thinking it equals eating healthier. But you’re better…

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Walking Club Check-In: Today, It's All About Water!

…Don't wait for thirst to strike! Most people don't realize it, but as Dr. Sinatra explains it, thirst is actually a sign that your body's already dehydrated. In fact, he recommends drinking water before, during, and after your walk. If you don't want to carry a bottle of water in your hands, you can carry…

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Summer Hazard #1: Tick-Borne Illnesses

…hiding in his hair. By that evening, our boy was hospitalized for neck pain and stiffness. He had trouble moving his head. It was so scary! He was dehydrated, so along with giving him antibiotics and intravenous fluids, his MD’s had to rule out meningitis. We cringed that our little guy would need a…

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