Daily Detoxifier

The 14 Most Dangerous Toxins to the Heart

…Although we lack the individual ability to eliminate toxins from the environment or to monitor their levels in our daily lives, it is within our control to minimize or avoid exposure. To Detoxify Your Body, Avoid These Toxins 1. Insecticides and pesticides. They are a major contributor to Parkinson’s disease…

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Protect Against Air Pollution with Fish Oil and Olive Oil

…supplementation on healthy middle-aged adults exposed to short-term concentrated air pollution. The 29 participants in the study were given 3 grams daily of either fish oil or olive oil for a month, after which they were exposed to two hours of polluted air for two consecutive days. Both fish oil and…

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Best Multivitamins for Women: What the Media Didn't Report

…improves recovery from a heart attack, and more. You should be taking 500 mg daily. • There are also no downsides to taking vitamins B6 and folic acid. You need these vital nutrients to support healthy nerves, to detoxify harmful homocysteine, to strengthen your heart muscles, and more. In fact, they're…

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