Critical Liver Support

With Ebola, Be Cautious But Don’t Feed Into the Hype

…adaptogen that helps to increase your body’s resistance to stress. Dosage: Take 400-800 mg per day.* * Cod Liver Oil or a Marine Based Squid Oil: Both cod liver oil and marine based squid oils support your immune system. Dosage: 1-2 grams daily. * Echinacea: This extract helps to boost your immune system…

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How to Lower High Triglyceride Levels: 5 Easy Steps

…are triglycerides, and why should we worry about them? Triglycerides are fatty components that form when we eat more food than our bodies need. The liver converts the extra calories into a form of fat called triglycerides (think of “love handles”). Dietary sources of triglycerides include sugars,…

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