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8 Ways to Avoid Colorectal Cancer

…at least 90 percent preventable, if you get regular colonoscopies. That’s because colon cancer begins as a polyp, which can be removed during a colonoscopy before it can become cancerous. But a large-scale Canadian study found that colonoscopies only reduce the chance of dying from colorectal cancer…

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4 Medical Tests You Should Get

…best heart health benefits, I recommend donating a unit of blood every three to four months if you’re able to. No. 2 Medical Test: Colonoscopy: Regular colonoscopies are still the best defense against colon cancer, but what many people don’t realize is that the preparation is as beneficial as the…

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The 10 Most Common Heart Health Fallacies

…eating meat. Yet I’ve often reminded ultra-carnivore patients about a Japanese researcher-gastroenterologist who had conducted some 300,000 colonoscopies during his career and found that cancer of the bowels was directly related to eating meat. That’s because meat doesn’t have gut-cleaning fiber…

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