Cold And Flu

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Secrets for Surviving Seasonal Flu

Another cold and flu season is upon us and many areas of our country are being hit hard already. Even our son-in-law was one the many folks in Massachusetts who needed the help of antibiotics to fight off a flu-related complication. It was also devastating to hear about the 17-year-old athlete who died…

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Chicken Soup for the Lungs—A Natural Cold & Flu Treatment

Every year around this time I get many questions about the best natural cold and flu treatments. This season, I’m trotting out an old remedy: chicken soup. However, it’s not your regular chicken soup. This “souped-up” chicken soup is loaded with hot spices to support your immune system and to…

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Can a Flu Vaccine Stop Heart Disease?

…stock in these findings. Plus, there are other serious issues with the flu shot. From my observations over the years, people who get flu shots experience colds and flu as much as people who pass on them. I’ve never been impressed. Flu shot effectiveness is a pretty dubious proposition, no matter what your…

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7 Ways To Survive Cold and Flu Season Naturally

…only do cold temperatures tax your immune system, more time spent indoors means increased contact with germs. Being sick not only feels miserable, it takes time away from the things we’d rather be doing. The good news is you can optimize your immune system to not only avoid colds and flu, but to shorten…

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With Ebola, Be Cautious But Don’t Feed Into the Hype

…duck heart and liver helps to prevent and/or temporarily reduce flu-like symptoms. Dosage: Take 1/3 of a vial every four hours for 1 to 2 days if you feel the flu coming on. For prevention, take 1/3 of a vial weekly throughout cold and flu season. * Garlic: A potent herb, garlic adds a powerful jolt of…

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6 Ways to Get Natural Allergy Relief

…it’s your turn: Do you have a tip for getting natural allergy relief? You May Also Be Interested In * Chicken Soup for the Lungs: A Natural Cold and Flu Treatment * 5 Key Nutrients for Immune Health

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