The Heart-Health/Skin-Health Connection

…protect our bodies against the ravaging damages of free-radical stress. That’s a great property, because free radical stress is the basis of chronic inflammation at the cellular level: the core of many common diseases and accelerated aging alike. But now it also appears that many antioxidants, in foods…

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Women Are More Likely to Die from Heart Disease than Cancer

…levels of C-reactive protein (CRP), homocysteine, and fibrinogen. These biochemicals help predict cardiovascular disease. CRP is a marker of chronic inflammation, and homocysteine is a toxic amino acid involved in the early stages of arterial damage. Fibrinogen is a protein with inflammatory and clot…

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The Great Cholesterol Myth

…erroneous focus on high cholesterol is diverting research dollars away from the real cause of heart disease—inflammation. Chronic Inflammation and Heart Disease Chronic inflammation is a major predictor of coronary artery disease. Studies show elevated levels of CRP (inflammation) puts you at twice the…

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