Cardiology Terminology: Chelation

Dr. Sinatra and I are often asked by our cardiac patients whether or not chelation therapy has any merit in treating cardiovascular problems. The word “chelate” is derived from the Greek word chele, which means “to claw,” and refers to the chemical structure of the agent used in the process.…

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Chelation: Good for Your Heart?

…centers, clinics, and doctors’ offices recruited 2.372 people, aged 50+, with a history of heart attack to participate in the Trial to Assess Chelation Therapy (TACT). The researchers are comparing chelation with high-dose vitamin therapy, or a combination of both. They will be evaluating subjects for…

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Dr. Sinatra and Chelation

Dr. Sinatra has had some direct experience with the promise chelation therapy potential holds for cardiovascular problems. One patient, “Joe,” stands out. Joe had very extensive heart disease, a history of coronary artery bypass surgeries, and was considered “inoperable.” His angina symptoms…

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