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Dr. Sinatra and Chelation

Dr. Sinatra has had some direct experience with the promise chelation therapy potential holds for cardiovascular problems. One patient, “Joe,” stands out. Joe had very extensive heart disease, a history of coronary artery bypass surgeries, and was considered “inoperable.” His angina symptoms…

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Aftermath of Japan: How to Protect Against Radiation

…great radiation chelators. Choose from nori, wakame, kombhu, arame, dulse, hijiki, kelp, and agar agar. Many of these foods were fed to the staff and patients of a hospital in Nagaski, Japan when the atomic bomb hit the area in World War II. * Miso, which is another great chelator used in WWII, contains…

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Season Your Way to Better Heart Health

…enhances your body's ability to absorb many vitamins and minerals. * Cilantro — This Chinese parsley has terrific binding properties, so it is used to chelate mercury. It's a great heavy metal detoxifier. A close relative to American parsley, its chlorophyll is vital to the human metabolic process. * Parsley…

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Chelation: Good for Your Heart?

While intravenous chelation (EDTA) has been FDA approved and accepted as a treatment for lead poisoning, it is less clear whether this method is effective for cardiovascular problems. High lead levels have been implicated in both heart disease and high blood pressure levels, and chelation proponents suggest…

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Cardiology Terminology: Chelation

…improved after the chelation treatments. Intravenous chelation affects the body almost immediately, because 100 percent of the chelation dose is absorbed. Eventually, proponents for chelation developed oral forms of administration. With oral dosing, only about three percent of the chelating agent is actually…

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