Share Your Love on Valentine's Day

…me the bionic man. Ha! I can't really lift trains. I am an insulin dependent diabetic and have had the following operations: Seven bi-passes, carotid artery, aortic artery, kidney cancer and prostate cancer for which I had radiation 18 years ago. My current PSA is 6.5. "I've also had Bell’s palsy…

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Prevent Blood Clots

…a vessel too small to get through and then you can have a major log jam in the brain, the leg, the kidney, in fact, anywhere at all. But the carotid artery is the number one spot to worry about because it’s a direct shot to the brain as the blood is pumped out of the left ventricle. At least 90 percent…

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Heart Risk Factor: Homocysteine

…connection between high-plasma homocysteine levels and occlusive artery disease, including coronary atherosclerosis, peripheral vascular disease, and carotid artery disease. In fact, some research shows that 42 percent of strokes, 28 percent of peripheral vascular disease, and approximately 30 per?cent of premature…

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