Canola Oil

The 10 Most Common Heart Health Fallacies

…and it’s good for your heart and the rest of your body. 6. Oil is oil. Many patients set themselves up for potential health problems by cooking with the wrong oils, namely canola, peanut, corn, and sunflower. The problem is that these oils oxidize rapidly with heat and the resultant chemical transformations…

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Flax and Omega-3 Benefits for Blood Pressure

…flaxseed oil. Get more of Dr. Sinatra's advice on Omega-3s Small amounts of omega-6 fatty acids work in conjunction with omega-3 benefits to decrease inflammation, one of the biggest culprits behind increased blood pressure. To be clear, I’m not talking about processed omega-6 fatty acids like canola, safflower…

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How Do You Know If You’re Getting Pure Olive Oil?

…extra-virgin olive oil, I took pleasure in acquiring cold pressed extra virgin olive oil from countries around the world. But then I learned that much of what we buy is actually laced with other oils. For example, some olive oils are mixed with canola oil made from rapeseed oil, which is considered…

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