Baby Aspirin and Statin Therapy

…Statin therapy has been known to help stabilize plaque in acute coronary syndromes, so it’s logical to me that it has a probable impact on the calcification process and may also prevent plaque ruptures. In fact, research shows that patients who were admitted to a hospital on statin therapy, and had these…

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Vitamin K2 Supports Healthy Circulation

…from them has confirmed my estimate of K2’s importance for promoting heart health. In a study on whether dietary K2 could help prevent arterial calcification, Drs. Vermeer and Schurgers examined the food intake and aorta scans of 4,800 elderly Dutch men and women. The aorta is the largest artery in the…

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Vitamin K2 Benefits and Coumadin

…-dependent MGP protein system that keeps calcium out of arterial walls. Thus, vitamin K and Coumadin interaction may actually encourage cardiovascular calcification as an adverse side effect. As you might imagine, this dilemma has many doctors and holistic health practitioners concerned and our patients with…

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