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What Causes Coronary Artery Disease?

…heal it. The knowledge that inflammation is a major predictor of coronary artery disease began with a landmark study showing that high levels of C-reactive protein (CRP)—one of the principal markers of inflammation—increased the risk of developing coronary artery disease. The Harvard University Women’s…

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Inflammation and Heart Disease Risk

…factor underlying most other diseases, as well. Inflammation and Heart Disease * Have your doctor request a blood test to measure your level of C-reactive protein (CRP). This is your body’s key inflammatory marker. While the overall numbers may vary according to the lab, look for a general reading…

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Women: Get the Benefits of Fish for Your Heart Health

For years, I've been informing people about the benefits of fish and fish oils such as: * reducing silent inflammation; * lowering C-reactive protein in the blood; * preventing sudden death; * prevention of all causes of mortality, including cancer; * easing depression; * stabilizing coronary artery…

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Could Losing Weight Work as Well as a Statin?

…weight loss in overweight or obese individuals reduces inflammation. Specifically, the group found that caloric-reduction diets generated a drop in C-reactive protein (CRP) that is similar to statins! CRP is a nonspecific marker of inflammation and has been implicated in many chronic diseases. CRP has a…

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Signs and Symptoms of Coronary Artery Disease

…to, or indicate, inflammation or plaque buildup. These include the following: * Elevated homocysteine * Lp(a), the inflammatory subtype of LDL * C-reactive protein (CRP), a key indicator of inflammation and chronic infection in the body * Excess fibrinogen, a protein that helps regulate the clotting…

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