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5 Easy, Natural Cures for the Health Hazards of Summer

…plant. Aloe contains amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and salicylate (an aspirin-like substance) to help reduce inflammation, pain, and blistering. * Bruises. Take three to five pellets of the homeopathic remedy Arnica montana, under the tongue, and/or rub a topical homeopathic gel such as Arniflora or Traumeel…

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With Ebola, Be Cautious But Don’t Feed Into the Hype

…include a fever greater than 101.5 F, muscle pain, a severe headache, diarrhea, weakness, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Unexplained bleeding or bruising can also be an Ebola symptom. In most cases Ebola symptoms occur within 10 days of exposure to the virus. But in some cases, it can take up to 21…

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5 Common Cardiovascular Myths

…for excessive bleeding. I’ve many new patients who took aspirin for primary prevention who had symptoms of aspirin side effects, including overt bruising and gastrointestinal bleeding. I got them to kick that habit in a hurry. Now it’s your turn: Have you ever received bad heart health advice? You…

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