WEBINAR: 8 Steps to Lower Blood Pressure Naturally

…a lifestyle consideration. In other words, instead of taking pharmaceutical drugs for the insulin resistance syndrome; you know, drugs for blood pressure, drugs for weight loss, drugs for, you know. lipid lowering, what you really need to do is lifestyle considerations, such as, you know, restrict carbohydrates…

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My Healthy Blood Pressure Program

…constriction, which can elevate pressure inside blood vessels. Many of my patients who take a water-soluble form of CoQ10 have cut their use of blood pressure drugs in half, while maintaining healthy blood pressure. * Magnesium: It's hard to get sufficient levels of this critical mineral in your diet, which…

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Q&A Archive

…blood pressure * How much salt can you eat if you have high blood pressure? * Isolated systolic hypertension * Medication tolerance for high blood pressure drugs * Menopause and high blood pressure * Postural hypotension * Proper position for blood pressure reading * Pulse pressure * Tapering off high…

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