Blood Donation

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4 Medical Tests You Should Get

…your blood drawn: Any time you get your blood drawn, or better yet donate blood, it thins the blood. Giving blood also removes excess ferritin (iron), which can contribute to arterial toxicity and cholesterol oxidation. For the best heart health benefits, I recommend donating a unit of blood every three…

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Surprising Health Benefits of Donating Blood

…of blood donations. If you're thinking about donating blood, here's a surprising fact that many people don't know: donating blood doesn't just help the person who receives it, it improves your heart health as well. Why is donating blood heart healthy? When you donate blood it reduces your blood volume…

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Blood Iron Levels and Heart Disease

blood iron levels can accumulate in your system. In the early 1980s, Jerome Sullivan, a pathologist, noticed that women who had undergone hysterectomies had increased incidence of heart disease. He suggested that if losing blood protected menstruating women from heart disease, men donating blood might…

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Gifts That Give and Give and Give!

…enough fruits and vegetables to last for a full year. * Donate $30 and you will be responsible for 100 schoolchildren getting the seeds they need to start gardens of their own at home. So forgo those espressos this holiday season (they cause your blood pressure levels to go haywire anyway) and help out a…

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Budget Tips for Healthy Living

…how old you are, yoga benefits the heart, blood pressure, anxiety, depression, and many physical ailments. There are many free yoga videos online. Yoga CDs can be re-used over and over again. Some yoga studios offer free classes and request small donations. Now It's Your Turn: What are your healthy…

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How Too Much Iron Harms Your Heart

…Americans carry the gene for hereditary hemochromatosis. Iron is stored in muscles and other tissues, and unless it is lost through menstruation or donating blood, toxic iron levels can accumulate in your system over the years. One study found that those with excessive iron levels were more than twice as…

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