Belly Fat

Belly Fat Increases Cardiac Risk Factors

We’re used to thinking of obesity as a cardiac risk factor, and it is. But now, a new study shows that being slim with belly fat ups your heart attack risk factors more than obesity. Researchers at the Mayo Clinic looked at the BMI (body mass index) and waist-to-hip ratio of 12,785 adults, with a mean…

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Sugar is a Major Cause of Heart Disease

…index carbohydrates; 35-40 percent healthy fats; and 20-25 percent protein—all of which help to reduce inflammation. * Restrict bread and bread products as much as you can, especially those containing wheat. I strongly recommend you read The Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis. I’m sure you’ll agree…

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Could Losing Weight Work as Well as a Statin?

…statins! CRP is a nonspecific marker of inflammation and has been implicated in many chronic diseases. CRP has a strong correlation with fat tissue, particularly belly fat. Statin drugs, which are used for lowering cholesterol also have a significant anti-inflammatory effect and have been documented to lower…

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