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Juicing Your Way to Optimum Health

…combine leafy greens with fresh fruit, beets, and a splash of ginger. Here is one if his favorites. Combine one or all from each category: * Berries: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries * Other fruit: apple, banana, kiwi (no citrus) * Vegetable: Beets are our breakfast favorite (but mixed…

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Folic Acid for Dementia & Alzheimer’s Prevention

…only form that crosses the blood-brain barrier. I recommend taking 100 mcg of 5-MTHF folic acid daily. Plus, remember to eat your beets and broccoli. Of all foods, beets and broccoli have the most powerful methylation capability for converting harmful homocysteine into harmless methionine. Now it’s…

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Why a Raw Food Diet is Better Than an Antacid

…foods. Green foods, also called “super foods,” are concentrations of nutrients from the juices of highly nutritious foods like broccoli, carrots, beets, parsley, and celery, as well as young shoots from less common foods like barley and alfalfa. The concentration of nutrients helps to support your immune…

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The Heart-Brain Connection

…, raspberries); * Oranges; * Cherries; * Plums; * Red grapes; * Spinach; * Broccoli * Kale * Brussels sprouts; * Alfalfa sprouts; * Bell peppers * Beets; * Eggplant; and * Onions. Essential Fatty Acids * Almonds, * Pecans, * Walnuts, * Olive oil, * Halibut, * Mackerel, * Salmon, * Trout, and * Tuna.…

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Cooking Healthy: Baked Winter Squash

…-carbohydrate content of the squash. Now it’s your turn: What’s your best cooking healthy tip? You May Also Be Interested In * Peppered Rosemary Chicken * Beets with Garlic

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