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Inflammation and Heart Disease Risk

…If your CRP is high, I recommend any or all of the following: exercise, weight loss, nattokinase (50–100 mg/day), CoQ10 (100–200 mg/day), baby aspirin, omega-3 fish oil (2 grams/day), and vitamin E (200–400 IU/day). But CRP is not the only test that can help you identify whether or not silent…

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Vascular Dementia Can Happen to Anyone

…smoking and only drink alcohol in moderation. * Take 1–3 grams of fish oil daily. * For women over 65, take 100 mg of aspirin (equivalent to 1.25 baby aspirin) a day. (Beware of stomach bleeding, though, which is always a possibility with long-term aspirin use.) * Drink 1 to 3 cups of green tea and 2 ounces…

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Is Daily Aspirin Right for You?

…thin the blood, many doctors began adding a daily aspirin to their regimen. Later on, once the efficacy was confirmed, it was decided an 81 mg baby aspirin could replace the hefty 325 mg adult dose. Bayer, the largest producer of aspirin, jumped at the chance to promote its pain reliever as the “wonder…

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Healthy Heart Nutrition with Dark Chocolate

…made a determination that certainly raises my eyebrows: They found that dark chocolate has a positive impact on platelet activity similar to a baby aspirin! In addition, they identified that dark chocolate has a strong antioxidant effect, is "endothelial cell friendly," and causes relaxation of the…

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Baby Aspirin and Statin Therapy

…taking a statin drug for an appropriate reason should be chasing it down with a minimum of 200 mg of standard CoQ10. Low-dose aspirin—i.e., one baby aspirin a day or one half of a standard adult aspirin every other day—is known to help maintain good blood pressure levels and has also been shown to…

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