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8 Ways to Avoid Colorectal Cancer

…increased risk of colorectal cancer. Consuming more vitamin B6 is the way to do this and has also been linked to less colorectal cancer. A good B-complex or a high-quality multi-nutrient program will give you necessary levels of these B vitamins. 7. Take Vitamin E: A 10-year study has shown a 50 percent…

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Lower Your Blood Pressure Week 3: Supplement Your Progress

…grams daily. B-complex vitamins. Supplementing with these nutrients is helpful on two fronts. First, it helps replace the B vitamins lost in your urine if you’re taking a diuretic to control your blood pressure (all B vitamins are water soluble). Second, specific members of the B-complex family, such…

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Heart-Felt Lessons from the Olympics

…* Give your heart the right nutritional support. I recently read that Olympic rower and former gold medal winner Susan Francia takes vitamin D3, B-complex vitamins, fish oil, magnesium, zinc, calcium, and D-ribose. All of those nutrients are important—but magnesium and D-ribose are especially critical…

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