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Treating Low Ejection Fraction

…reader ask a great question about low ejection fraction and wanted to post the answer: "I had a heart attack five years ago and a stent placed. All of my blood work is normal with good cholesterol measurements and C-RP of 1.13. I take Lipitor (20mg), Metropolis, Ramipril, and Plavix, and also [Dr. Sinatra’s…

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Lipoprotein(a) Cholesterol Guidelines

…her concern. Her question is a good one. In the absence of any family history of cardiovascular problems and good cholesterol levels, how much should one be concerned about slightly elevated lipoprotein(a)? Lipoprotein(a) Cholesterol Guidelines In this particular case, Dr. Sinatra and I would like to…

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Eating Healthy Foods: Test Your Food IQ

…begs the question about foods you can eat and which foods you should avoid. Test your “food IQ” and get the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions I receive on eating healthy foods. Are You Eating Healthy Foods? To ensure that you’re eating healthy foods, Dr. Sinatra answers some…

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