Arthritis Pain

Science Shows April Fool's Day Can Benefit Your Heart

…disabling arthritis. Since the 1970s, Cousins’ work has influenced my own. He advised that watching humorous movies—for him the famous Marx brothers—could have a positive impact on health. He reported that just 10 minutes of belly laughter afforded him 2 hours or more of pain relief. If his pain returned…

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Bone-Building Drugs are Causing Broken Bones

…D and calcium). Worse yet, they also continue to ignore the myriad of disturbing side effects associated with bisphosphonates, including arthritis, muscle pain, esophageal cancer, and kidney and liver toxicity, and rotting of the jawbone. If you are taking bisphosphonates, I urge you to talk to your…

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Walking Club Check-In: 10 Reasons to Walk!

…2. It will reduce your risk of cancer. 3. You'll minimize your risk for stroke. 4. You'll improve arthritis symptoms. Increased muscle strength restores range of motion and flexibility and reduces pain. 5. You'll slim down. When you walk in the morning, you'll rev up your metabolism and burn calories…

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