Artery Blockage

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4 Medical Tests That Could Do More Harm than Good

…into an artery, all the way to the heart. A radio-opaque dye is then injected, which lights up the heart and illuminates any blockages around it. Angiography is expensive ($5,000 to $10,000) and I don’t recommend it unless preliminary tests strongly suggest the presence of coronary artery disease.…

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Study Finds Doctors Too Quick to Insert Heart Stents

…strictly on test results showing some narrowing of arteries, you should definitely explore less-invasive options. The decision to get a heart stent should be based on your personal symptoms and not solely on narrowing or blockage of your arteries. Now it's your turn? Do you feel doctors are too quick…

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Warming Up When Your Hands and Feet Are Always Cold

…various pulse points in the extremities, I generally found that what causes cold hands and feet could often be a number of things, from peripheral artery disease, to diabetes and Raynaud’s syndrome. How to Keep Your Hands and Feet Warm * Take the “awesome foursome” which can make a real difference…

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EECP for Cardiovascular Health

…EECP, the arteries are gently stretched, just like squeezing a long balloon, and this process promotes the development of collateral circulation. (It was noted during angiography that some people develop collateral circulation—their own new blood vessels that grew around an area of blockage to get the…

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Why Statins Are Dangerous

…while, you know how I feel about statin drugs. Statins are dangerous. The only people who should be on statins are men over 50 who have coronary artery disease. For everyone else, statins may actually be raising the incidence of heart failure because they deplete the body of CoQ10—a biochemical that’s…

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Nitric Oxide Benefits Cardiovascular Health

…the veins and arteries so blood can move throughout your body. Plus, it prevents red blood cells from sticking together to create dangerous clots and blockages. Your body naturally generates NO in the endothelium that line the blood vessel walls. But, in the early stages of arterial disease, this lining…

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