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When a Healthy Cholesterol Level Can Go Wrong

…arteries because it contributes to—and accelerates—the inflammatory process. Over time, increased inflammation leads to the formation of arterial plaque. When you get down to it, though, the real problem is not cholesterol—it’s whether your body’s antioxidant system can effectively neutralize…

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The Cholesterol Numbers Doctors Should Measure

…dense and highly inflammatory type of cholesterol that can damage blood vessels. It can also make your blood “sticky” and cause a buildup of arterial plaque. Which Cholesterol Numbers Should Your Doctor Test? You want to ask your doctor for a cholesterol particle size test, which will measure your LDL…

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Omega-3 Fish Oil Benefits and Aging

…fish oil in their diets. The benefit of omega-3 fish oil, and other marine-based sources of omega-3s, is that they penetrate the structure of arterial plaque within three days of ingestion, making plaque less prone to rupture. They also reduce inflammation, improve heart rate variability and make blood…

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Books on Reversing and Preventing Heart Disease

…cholesterol isn’t the main indicator of future heart issues. He also does a good job of giving practical solutions, such as how to prevent arterial plaque. Heart disease has many moving parts, and Masley does a good job of simplifying some of the interventions that work. His book is such an easy read…

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