What are ACE Inhibitor Drugs?

…mg daily) * Calcium (1,000 mg daily), magnesium (400 mg daily) * CoQ10 (100–300 mg daily in divided doses) * Fish oil (2–4 grams per day) * L-arginine (2–3 grams three times per day As always, I encourage my patients to stick to a smart cardiovascular nutrition plan and to find natural ways to…

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Nitric Oxide Benefits Cardiovascular Health

…two to three times a week helps to boost nitric oxide in the body. * L-arginine, the original raw material that converts to NO in the body (3 grams of this nitric oxide supplement twice a day with food). But do not take arginine if you have had a heart attack within a year, and always work closely with…

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Cardiovascular Benefits of L-Arginine

…attention the benefits of L-arginine were receiving from other cardiologists. I have been using this healthy-heart nutrient to support healthy cholesterol levels and healthy arteries in angioplasty patients for years. There’s evidence that regular supplementation with L-arginine benefits supports smooth…

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