The Health Benefits of Eating Garlic

…Garlic's antihypertensive effect may be related to its antioxidant and sulfur content. But some studies suggest that garlic lowers blood pressure levels by increasing the dilation of blood vessels and reducing peripheral vascular resistance. Others indicate that garlic's antihypertensive value may be…

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Natural Ways to Lower Blood Pressure

It’s estimated that 60 million Americans need to control high blood pressure, making this condition the No. 1 concern of cardiologists and internists today. Only about two-thirds of the people who know they have high blood pressure have it under fair control, usually with drug therapy. Despite…

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Lower Your Blood Pressure Week 3: Supplement Your Progress

…to control your blood pressure (all B vitamins are water soluble). Second, specific members of the B-complex family, such as vitamin B6, have antihypertensive effects. Folic acid is also helpful, particularly for women. You should always take B vitamins as a complex, either in a stand-alone product or…

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