Anti Platelet

Should You Take Blood-Thinning Drugs?

…therapy—mandatory even—to prevent blood clots if you have mechanical heart valves. Studies show that it’s more effective than aspirin with other anti-platelet drugs. It should also be your first choice if you’ve suffered an embolic stroke. * As I mentioned earlier, Coumadin has been shown to protect…

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Heart-Healthy Foods That Benefit Other Conditions, Too

…antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound from the bright yellow spice turmeric, supports healthy brain function. * Coconut oil is one of my top-recommended oils for heart health because it contains medium chain triglycerides that help to raise beneficial HDL levels, and makes blood platelets less sticky…

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Lower Your Blood Pressure Naturally with Nattokinase

If you have high blood pressure, chances are your doctor prescribed an anti-hypertensive medication. While they do control blood pressure, some of them do so at a high cost when it comes to your health. So, I prefer to use them only when immediate action is needed or when lifestyle interventions have…

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