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A Healthy Lifestyle (Almost) Eliminates Sudden Cardiac Death

…exercise. Maintaining a normal weight clearly reduces inflammatory compounds produced by body fat, while a Mediterranean diet is basically an anti-inflammatory diet. Both of these are key to preventing the root cause of heart disease: inflammation. Another point I want to emphasize is that if you think…

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8 Secrets to Healthy Blood for Better Heart Health

…Quit smoking. Smoking causes sludgy, viscous, and inflamed blood. Stopping smoking can improve your heart health, tremendously. 3. Eat an anti-inflammatory diet. First and foremost, keep your sweets under control. Excess sugar in the diet is a recipe for inflammatory disaster. Sugar pushes insulin levels…

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Prevent Breast Cancer with Lifestyle Choices

…Mediterranean)—which he has supported for years now in his books, lectures, newsletters, e-letters, and blogs—is the basic foundation for an anti-inflammatory diet. One thing that cancer and cardiovascular problems have in common is that they are both caused, even fueled, by chronic inflammation in the…

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