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Study Finds Doctors Too Quick to Insert Heart Stents

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: If I’m ever having a heart attack, I want someone to get me to the closest hospital to have an angioplasty/stent procedure performed as soon as possible. Heart stents are simply the best way to improve blood flow to the heart and preserve heart muscle…

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Cardiovascular Benefits of L-Arginine

…receiving from other cardiologists. I have been using this healthy-heart nutrient to support healthy cholesterol levels and healthy arteries in angioplasty patients for years. There’s evidence that regular supplementation with L-arginine benefits supports smooth muscle relaxation within the arterial…

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Plaque Buildup and Peripheral Artery Disease

…. The result is restricted blood flow, discomfort, tiredness, heaviness and, often, cramping. To combat the condition, doctors often use drugs, angioplasty, or surgery in peripheral artery disease treatment. A Different Tack for Peripheral Artery Disease Treatment Instead of drugs or invasive therapies…

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Are You a Candidate for EECP Therapy?

…For refractory symptoms of angina pectoris that has not responded to medication and metabolic cardiology. * If your arteries are so blocked that angioplasty (PTCA) or coronary artery bypass surgery (CABS or CABG) aren’t options. * If your coronary anatomy failed to improve following PTCA or CABS as…

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5 Heart-Health Facts Your Cardiologist Won’t Tell You

…inflammation—which as I mentioned earlier is the real culprit in heart disease. That's why with men who have a history of a heart attack, a bypass or stent, an angioplasty, or low HDL cholesterol, a statin can be lifesaving. But for many others, the harmful statin side effects far outweigh the benefits. * Saturated…

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Is Taking a Daily Aspirin Right for You?

…disease—is just plain good medicine. I regularly advocate aspirin for those who have known heart disease, such as a history of angina, heart attack, angioplasty or stent procedures, or coronary artery bypass surgery. In these cases, I recommend taking one baby aspirin daily. Yet, even if you have all the…

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