4 Medical Tests That Could Do More Harm than Good

…the lump removed. That’s because taking a biopsy can potentially drag abnormal cancer cells through otherwise healthy breast tissue. 4. Coronary Angiogram for Diagnostic Purposes: This procedure is extremely invasive. It involves threading a catheter into an artery, all the way to the heart. A radio…

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Signs & Symptoms That You Could Have a Heart Attack Next Month

…Even with strong evidence of severe obstructive coronary artery disease, a surgeon will not operate without the gold standard of diagnostics—the angiogram (catheterization). This invasive procedure requires making a small incision threading a catheter into the heart to inject a contrast dye. The dye…

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Learn the Signs and Symptoms of a Heart Attack in Women

…ventricle to supply blood to the left side of the heart) was critically blocked, and while an EKG can show us a lot, it is a noninvasive test. Only an angiogram is the gold standard that can estimate how much blockage there is. Nonetheless, it was lucky that when her blockage was found there was enough “daylight”…

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