Learn the Signs and Symptoms of a Heart Attack in Women

…ventricle to supply blood to the left side of the heart) was critically blocked, and while an EKG can show us a lot, it is a noninvasive test. Only an angiogram is the gold standard that can estimate how much blockage there is. Nonetheless, it was lucky that when her blockage was found there was enough “daylight”…

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How to Naturally Protect Your Vision Health

…ultraviolet exposure and radiation. * Take adequate antioxidants. * Keep your blood sugar at a respectable level. While performing more than 3,000 angiograms of the heart in a cardiac catheterization lab, I, too, was exposed to enormous amounts of radiation. Unfortunately, my left eye has developed a cataract…

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Should You Get Screened for an Aneurysm?

…risk your doctor will probably order an ultrasound or echocardiogram to screen for undetected aneurysms. Computed tomography (CT) scans and aortic angiograms, and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can also pinpoint location and details of an aneurysm. If your physician detects an aneurysm, you have options…

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