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8 Health-Boosting Secrets From My Life

…Take the following herbs daily: bromelain (200 mg) and quercetin (300–500 mg), both of which are excellent natural means to prevent inflammation, allergies, and histamine release. I also take garlic (500—1,000 mg as a supplement, or one clove of fresh garlic), and drink ginger tea. 6. Drink red wine…

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6 Ways to Get Natural Allergy Relief

…Pharma would like you to think that the best remedy for seasonal allergies includes popping a pill—one that’s riddled with questionable chemicals and unwanted side effects. Fortunately You Can Get Natural Allergy Relief 1. Allergy help can be as simple as a thimbleful of Sea salt (I prefer Celtic…

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4 Medical Tests You Should Get

…exercising. No. 4 Medical Test: Food rotation for food allergies. Although not a medical test, food rotation is a very important evaluation tool. Many of the health ills that people have, including IBS, are caused by undetected food allergies. Food rotation—meaning temporarily removing foods like…

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Heartbreak’s Emotional Stress Can Affect You Physically

…this alarm mode for any length of time, you become prone to stress-producing conditions, ranging from aching neck muscles and headaches to ulcers, allergies, diminished sexual desire and heart disease. Protect Your Health From Emotional Stress The good news is that if heartbreak touches your life, you…

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Chicken Soup for the Lungs—A Natural Cold & Flu Treatment

…breathing. In this way, mucus is a blessing. However, the overproduction of mucus is a symptom of many common illnesses—including colds, flu, asthma, allergies, and chronic bronchitis. Coughing is the body’s way to get rid of the excess, but this effort can be challenging because of the thick and sticky…

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Pets and Your Heart

…crisis for that matter, use these lessons from the animal kingdom to reconnect with your intuition. If you can’t live with an animal because of allergies, travel, or some other reason, then you can always “borrow” one to spend time with, or watch a movie about an animal character. Some of my favorites…

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