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Why Your Lung Health Affects Your Heart

…to limit your exposure to auto emissions, smoke (including secondhand smoke) and other air pollutants. You may also want to get a good quality air purifier for your home, and especially the bedroom. For lung health, it’s also important to promote a healthy immune system and normal inflammatory response…

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5 Tips for Optimal Lung Health—and Clear Breathing

…because they reduce hyperventilation and over breathing. * Use an air purifier. As I’ve mentioned before, there’s a strong connection between poor air quality and heart and lung health. Using a high quality HEPA filter air purifier in the bedroom or home can help to support lung health. * Supplement…

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6 Ways to Get Natural Allergy Relief

…allergy-inducing sulfites. 4. During days of high pollen activity, keep your car windows up and stay indoors as much as possible. 5. Use a good air purifier system in your home, and especially in your bedroom. 6. Clean up before you retire for the night. Many people inadvertently bring pollen into their…

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