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How to Knock Out Diabetes Before It Develops

…diabetes in record numbers. How do you know if you’re at risk? If you suspect your blood sugar is going up, ask your doctor to order a hemoglobin A1C blood test, which is like doing three months of finger stick tests, all at one time. If your HbA1C is above 5.9 it’s an early warning sign that you…

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The Real Risk Factors for Heart Disease

…8. Fasting blood sugar. This is the measure of how much glucose (sugar) is in the blood at the time of sample collection. Healthy zone: Hemoglobin A1C (HbA1c). This is a form of hemoglobin (red blood cells) that has become glycated, or joined with a glucose molecule. This measures the average amount…

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News Alert: High-Dose Statins Can Increase Your Diabetes Risk

…One of my employee’s fathers had bypass surgery and I just went over his lab work today. He’s on a high-dose statin and both his blood sugar and A1C was elevated—and he’s never had diabetes before. I told my employee her father should cut that statin dose in half. So, what does this mean for you?…

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