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Dr. Sinatra's Supplement Advisor


One of the most asked questions Dr. Sinatra receives on a daily basis is “What supplements should I take?” Dr. Sinatra developed this simple tool to help you. The Supplement Advisor provides you with a personalized, comprehensive list of supplements based on your lifestyle, diet, medications, and health concerns.

Just answer a few short questions about your health history and lifestyle. And get your FREE personal supplement recommendations right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is my information kept confidential?

A: Your information is absolutely confidential. In fact, to protect your privacy, your data is not saved when you close the Supplement Advisor. To save your recommendations, just click “cancel” and print or email your recommendations to yourself.

Q: How does the Advisor come up with the recommendations?

A: The Supplement Advisor takes the information you provide regarding your current health and lifestyle and calculates gaps in your nutrition. The Supplement Advisor then provides you with a list of daily vitamins, minerals, and other supplements that research suggests supports optimal health.

Q: Is the information approved by Dr. Sinatra?

A: Dr. Sinatra along with the healthcare experts at Healthnotes review your questionnaire answers and match them to the appropriate nutrients. You receive a customized list of supplements tailored to your specific needs.

Q: What is Healthnotes?

A: Healthnotes is a reliable, consumer-friendly guide to your self-care. It includes health conditions, vitamins & herbs, and drug-nutrient interactions.